Friday, September 12, 2008

Metro, People's Square, Tea Scam

We were so excited to be venturing out for the first time, I forgot to put on shoes.

Waiting on the metro.

The Chinese Tea Scam

Our first stop of the metro, and we met these 4 Chinese students who were brilliant in execution of the famous Chinese tea fesitval scam. We all got taken for about 40-50 bucks. They basically tricked us into an environment where they started giving us stuff that we didn't think we had to pay for, but when they laid the bill on us, it was about 5x the amount it should have been.

It's the kind of thing where you wouldn't believe it could happen to you, but then it does, and you are at a complete loss for words... almost like a great magician. They were very very skillful.

I laugh Of, course, part of me is ticked off for being scammed. But I have to laugh when I see these pictures of these people, because they were so damn good!

And finally, many buildings are wrapped in this scaffolding, made out of bamboo... it's common to see 50+ floors of this stuff...

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